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Reverb to put an instrument in its own space

Using Reverb to Put an Instrument in its Own Space

December 08,2016 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

There are so many ways you can use reverb in electronic dance music.  Most people people think...

How To Get Massive Sounding Kick Drums With One Little Tweak

November 01,2016 / Mixing / 0 Comments

How would you like to clean up the bottom end, fit the kick and bass together and tighten up...

How To Master Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

September 22,2016 / Mastering / 0 Comments

In all my years of teaching electronic music production, there's nothing I get asked about more...

mixing on headphones for great sounding mixes and masters

Mixing On Headphones For Great Sounding Mixes & Masters

August 17,2016 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

We all know how important a good monitoring environment is for achieving great sounding mixes and...


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