Ableton Live Kick Drum Mixing Rack.

Discover the fastest, easiest (and least frustrating) Ableton Live instrument rack for mixing EDM kicks. Creating and mixing powerful, punchy and professional sounding kicks has never been easier!

  • Ableton Live 9+ compatible
  • Easy to install & use
  • Includes lifetime updates
  • 30 day money back guarantee

The last kick drum mixing tool you'll ever need in ableton live

The Ultimate Kick Drum Rack was made for one simple reason: to make mixing and tweaking kick samples as fast and easy as possible.

The idea of using instrument racks in Ableton Live is simple, but it makes a massive difference in your workflow and productivity.  The racks can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be and open up a world of production and mixing options.

It's not just convenient to have clearly labelled knobs with all the kick drum mixing and editing options that the Ultimate Kick Drum Rack has.  The plugins and settings connected to these knobs have been set and refined based on years of mixing and production experience to the point where it will make a huge difference in your productions.

Discover why using the Ultimate Kick Drum Instrument Rack Will Transform Your Tracks

speed & simplicity: two things that make a big difference

There are literally hundreds of plugin chains and settings for mixing and editing kick drums out there.  But how many of them actually deliver the results you want, and fast?  

Then you need to tweak the settings in these chains and presets too.  There's no way an EQ or compressor preset will work for all kick drum samples.  But how do you know what settings to tweak and how to set them?  Even tutorials won't help you much because every track is different and the settings for every plugin and setting you use will also have to be different. 

  • If you're using presets for EQ, compression, distortion or anything else without adjusting them to fit your track, then you will not get kick drum the sound you want.
  • If you're using custom instrument racks that are not clearly labelled, easy to use and intuitive, then you will not get kick drum the sound you want.
  • If you throw a whole bunch of plugins on a kick drum sample and hope for the best then you will most definitely not get the kick drum sound you want.

say goodbye to crappy kicks

With the Ultimate Kick Drum Rack you can quickly and easily process any kick drum sample to fit perfectly in the mix.  You don't need to mess around with a ton of plugins and settings to get the sound you want.

Simply drop your kick sample into the rack and go.  Each macro knob is connected to expertly crafted settings designed to work with any kick drum sample you use. 

You don't have to spend hours going through hundreds of kick drum samples, or messing around with plugin settings.  Start with a clean 808 sample and come up with hundreds of unique and powerful kick drum sounds in seconds.

an effects rack built for serious producers

Some of the best plugin settings and one heck of a kick drum mixing chain

Match Your Kick to Your Track Key

Easily tune your kick sample to match the key of your track.  This is one of the most important parts of getting a kick drum sound that works.

Adjust the Length of Your Kick

Adjust the length of your kick drum with one knob for a cleaner low end, more energy and the ability to make your tracks louder.

Shape the Attack of Your Kick

With the attack macro you can adjust the starting point of your kick sample to make it sharper or softer depending on the style you're going for.

Add Warmth, Character & Style

Add subtle or aggressive distortion to your kick samples to give them more character and help them cut through the mix with style.

Add Punch & Attitude

Use the compression macro designed to add punch and attitude while maximizing loudness for a powerful kick drum sound.

Clean Up the mix

Sometimes all you need is a low cut to clean things up.  This macro takes advantages of Live's new filter settings for a great sounding bottom end.

Hassle-Free EQ

An expertly crafted EQ macro connected to 7 different EQ settings that work together to give you the perfect sound with every kick sample.

pack a big punch

As if the last 7 macro settings weren't enough, you can take things even further with a "Super Punch" knob that does exactly what it says. 

The kick drum is one of the most important elements in electronic music production.  Make sure you get it right.

The Ultimate Kick Drum instrument rack for Ableton Live gives you all the tools you need to quickly and easily create and mix punchy, professional sounding kick drums to match any style.  Simply load any sample into the rack and you're good to go.  Even the simplest 808 kick sample can be turned into hundreds of different kick drum sounds. 

get it today & transform the way you mix edm kick drums

The fastest and easiest way to mix professional EDM kick drums

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  • Ableton Live 9+ compatible
  • Easy to install & use
  • Includes lifetime updates
  • 30 day money back guarantee