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It has all the answers.. without any confusions.. explains each and every step of music production in a way that anyone can understand.. Definitely gives the confidence to call yourself a music producer.

Manish Farande

Music Producer

Oh my God. It's like years of EDM school packed in a very engaging and factual way. Especially if you're a beginner who is lost and wandering about when it comes to mixing(like me), this will give you all you need to set your path right. Would definitely recommend this! Thank you! Amazing Stuff.

Morrison Barreto

EDM Producer

Man. This filled in all the gaps for me. Excellent teacher and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. This is guaranteed to take your productions to the next level and save you thousands of dollars paying for college.

Tim Stubbs


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start making better music

Produce EDM tracks you're proud of, that sound professional and that get the attention they deserve.

Attract more fans and followers who will appreciate the quality of your music and want to pay you for it.

Finally understand mixing and mastering to get professional sounding tracks, saving you months of frustration.

Tap into years of knowledge and experience of a professional instructor to help you skip ahead and get results fast.

Eliminate the guesswork by following and implementing tried and proven production techniques and workflows.

Become dramatically better and faster at finishing more songs to increase your chances of getting heard and signed.

frequently asked questions

Q.  Who is the Beat Tweaks Academy for? Is it right for me?

The Beat Tweaks membership is for any EDM producer or mixing/mastering engineer wanting to improve and make something happen.  It's about creating a career out of your passion and making it more than just a hobby. Although beginner and intermediate level producers would benefit most from this program, even advanced producers can learn a thing or two or even better, help others get better.  We're all in this together.  

Q.  Will I get feedback on my projects?

Absolutely.  When you sign up for the Beat Tweaks Academy, you can ask questions and get feedback by email or live chat with your instructor.  This is what sets Beat Tweaks apart from any other training program.  

Q.  Do I have to use Ableton Live?

Not at all.  Anything you learn can be applied to any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).  It's not about the plugins, software or gear. The whole point is to teach you why and how to do things so you understand the concepts that will make you a better producer.  It's pointless teaching you something you can't apply to your own tracks.

Q.  If I join now will I get access to past content?

Of course!  Although the membership is meant to give you the personalized attention you need to improve as a producer, it's also a place to share knowledge and inspiration.  You can view all past tutorials, courses and video reviews of tracks from other producers for as long as you're a member.  

Q.  Will you be able to give me the personalized attention I need to improve?

Of course!  The number of members who can join will be limited.  That means I'll be more than able to give you the personalized training and guidance you need to learn and improve.  There are a number of features that will help you get everything you need from your membership including a direct access to me (your instructor) by live and email.

Q.  What if I'm not happy?  Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

You can try the Beat Tweaks academy FREE for an entire 14 days.  If you cancel within those 14 days, you will not be charged.  If you choose to continue with your membership after those 14 days, then you can cancel your membership subscription at any time and you will not be charged for the following month.  If you choose to go for a yearly membership then you'll have to wait until the year is over for your membership to expire. Your satisfaction and improvement matters more than anything else.

Q.  What happens after my 14 day free trial?  Can I cancel or pause my membership easily?

You can cancel your membership anytime within your 14 day trial.  You will still have access for the rest of the 14 days and you will not be charged again.  If you decide to continue after your 14 day trial then you don't have to do anything.  Your membership will be activated automatically and you will be charged automatically each month until you decide to cancel. Cancelling your membership is easy and takes just a few clicks.

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