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Justin Bieber Intentions Lead Sound Design

Learn how to make the lead sound (pluck) from Justin Bieber's Intentions in Sylenth 1.  In the video we use Sylenth 1 to create the lead sound and add simple effects to make it sound just like the original.  You can also use any free synth to design the sound. Helm is an excellent free synth that works in any DAW and on any system, MAC or Windows. Download Helm synth hereRead More

Profile PhotoFuad MuradMarch 16, 2020

How To Use Mid Side Processing In EDM Mixing

Learn how to use mid side EQ and processing in EDM production to clean up a kick sample that has reverb on it. You can also use mid side processing to mix drum loops, bass loops, synth loops and other samples and instruments. Watch the video to find out how you can improve your EDM mixing and mastering with mid side EQ.  After watching this video, check out the Ultimate Guide to Mid Side EQ for everything you need to know about using this powerful technique.Read More

Profile PhotoFuad MuradNovember 25, 2018

Why Your Tracks Are Not Loud Enough

Are you trying to make your tracks loud?  What does loudness even mean these days?  With streaming services turning your tracks down when you upload them, is it even worth the effort trying to make your tracks loud? How loud your track should be really depends on the situation and where your it’s going to be sent. A DJ may ask you for a louder master to match other tracks that are going to be played.  A record label may have completely different loudness requirements.  Each online streaming platform has its own set of loudness guidelines and will usually normalize all …Read More

Profile PhotoFuad MuradAugust 19, 2018

How to Produce an EDM Track in Under a Day

Learning how to produce electronic dance music (EDM) is hard. Wrestling with your DAW (that’s the software you use to produce), creating melodies and basslines, figuring out plugins and how to use them, it can get frustrating really fast. But if you’re smart and able to use the many tools and resources that are available out there such as loops, samples, construction kits and the thousands of tracks available online by other producers, then trust me, you’ll be able to produce amazing tracks in no time. Realistically, you can have a track produced, mixed and mastered in less than 24 …Read More

Profile PhotoFuad MuradMay 18, 2018

Mid Side EQ – The Ultimate Guide

Learning how to use mid side EQ to mix and master your tracks can be tricky.  First, you need to understand what mid side EQ is and how and when and why to use it. A good starting point is to actually understand what mid side is.   An audio signal can have two possible components, a mid component, and a side component.   The mid component is anything in the audio that’s panned directly in the middle, or what is known as mono. The side component is anything that lives around the middle.  things like reverb, delay, and stereo synth sounds …Read More

Profile PhotoFuad MuradMarch 15, 2018

Mixing While Producing…Should You Do It?

Before jumping into whether mixing while producing is a good thing or a bad thing, please take a second and let me know which workflow you prefer.   Many producers, myself included, love to mix as they produce.  The argument is that in EDM more than any other genre, mixing and producing are one in the same. The way you EQ, compress, distort and process a sound can turn it into a completely different sound.  So mixing becomes part of the sound design and the lines between the two begin to blur. In the end it’s a matter of personal …Read More

Profile PhotoFuad MuradFebruary 23, 2018
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