If you’ve taken a course with me or did some one-on-one coaching, then you’ll know I take suggestions very seriously.  In fact, most of my courses, videos and blog posts are based on feedback and suggestions. When I make a new course or record a new video, I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it

Before jumping into whether mixing while producing is a good thing or a bad thing, please take a second and let me know which workflow you prefer.   Many producers, myself included, love to mix as they produce.  The argument is that in EDM more than any other genre, mixing and producing are one in

Which style of electronic music would you like to see made into a full course?  Watch the video with the audio samples and then use the form below to make your choice. [iframevideo] [/iframevideo]  


It’s finally here.  After years of of testing, gathering feedback and suggestions from thousands from across the world, the Beat Tweaks Academy is ready for the world to see. If you want to learn how to produce, mix and master electronic dance music, become a professional producer, release your music and turn it into a

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo] There are so many ways you can use reverb in electronic dance music.  Most people people think of reverb as an “effect” but it’s really much more than that.  It can literally mean the difference between a flat, lifeless mix and a full, rich, professional sounding one if you use it right.