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Why Your Tracks Are Not Loud Enough

Are you trying to make your tracks loud?  What does loudness even mean these days?  With streaming services turning your tracks down when you upload them, is it even worth the effort trying to make your tracks loud? How loud your track should be really depends on the situation and where your it’s going to be sent. A DJ may ask you for a louder master to match other tracks that are going to be played.  A record label may have completely different loudness requirements.  Each online streaming platform has its own set of loudness guidelines and will usually normalize all …

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Mixing While Producing…Should You Do It?

Before jumping into whether mixing while producing is a good thing or a bad thing, please take a second and let me know which workflow you prefer.   Many producers, myself included, love to mix as they produce.  The argument is that in EDM more than any other genre, mixing and producing are one in the same. The way you EQ, compress, distort and process a sound can turn it into a completely different sound.  So mixing becomes part of the sound design and the lines between the two begin to blur. In the end it’s a matter of personal …

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What Style of EDM Do You Prefer for a Course?

Which style of electronic music would you like to see made into a full course?  Watch the video with the audio samples and then use the form below to make your choice.  

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Introducing the Beat Tweaks Academy

It’s finally here.  After years of of testing, gathering feedback and suggestions from thousands from across the world, the Beat Tweaks Academy is ready for the world to see. If you want to learn how to produce, mix and master electronic dance music, become a professional producer, release your music and turn it into a career, then this is the place for you. When you sign up for the academy you get access to every Beat Tweaks course, exclusive content, member only resources and an exclusive community where we can all help each other out and where you can get …

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Using Reverb to Put an Instrument in its Own Space

There are so many ways you can use reverb in electronic dance music.  Most people people think of reverb as an “effect” but it’s really much more than that.  It can literally mean the difference between a flat, lifeless mix and a full, rich, professional sounding one if you use it right.   In this video you’ll learn how to use reverb to put an instrument in its own space and make it sound as if it was coming from somewhere else.  Not only will this technique make instruments sit better in a busy mix, it will also add a …

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Why Mixing & Mastering On Headphones May Be Your Best Option

We all know how important a good monitoring environment is for achieving great sounding mixes and masters.  We also know how expensive setting it up can be. The list for setting up a good monitoring situation can be daunting to say the least. A non-square shaped room Finding and spreading out “nodes” in your room Acoustic treatment Choosing the right speakers. Ideal speaker placement Ideal listening position Special and expensive wall and floor materials …and the list goes on. But what if there was another solution to your monitoring setup, one with much less hassle?  What if you could get …

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