edm production coaching.

Struggling to finish your productions?  Need help with mixing and mastering?  Stuck on sound design? Get 1-on-1 coaching and take advantage of years of experience.


We'll work through your mix together to make sure you see and learn exactly how things work to get a professional mix.


No more confusion when it comes to mastering your tracks.  We'll set goals, identify areas to improve, and get your songs ready for release.

Arrangement & sound design

We'll ensure your arrangement structure  and sound design meets industry standards and keeps listeners wanting more.

expert 1-on-1

edm production coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to show you how things are done instead of just explaining them to you.  There's no better way to learn than having an expert take a look at your project and work through it with you.  We'll go hands on with your project and you'll learn a ton at the same time.

  • Get your mixes to sound balanced, loud and clear
  • learn to create arrangement that keep listeners wanting more
  • Understand how to design sounds with impact
  • Master your tracks for the best results whether it's for CD or streaming


per hour of coaching

  • Personalized live coaching & training
  • hands-on help directly on your project
  • Schedule your coaching session quickly & easily

frequently asked questions

will there be screen sharing during calls?

Yes, we'll use Zoom or Google Meet for the call.  Depending on what you need, you might also be asked to share your screen.

will the cpaching be customized for me?

Yes, the coaching session is meant to help you solve the issues that you face when you produce mix and master.  So every session is catered specifically just for you.

Will we be using video too?

We will mainly be using audio and screensharing for the coaching sessions since that way we can focus on your project and get things done quickly.

is this a do-it-for-me solution?

Not really.  This is more of a "let's do this together" kind of thing.  It's meant to help you learn and get things done at the same time.  if you're looking to get something done for you, then check out mixing and mastering or Ableton Live project production.