EDM Mixing & Mastering With Reference Tracks

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Learn how to use reference tracks to mix and master your EDM tracks professionally every single time, no matter what genre you produce, plugins you use or how much experience you have.

EDM Mixing and Mastering With Reference Tracks is an online course that will teach you how to break down a professionally produced track, see exactly how it was mixed and mastered, and use it to mix and master your own track.

Remove all the guesswork and never get left wondering if you’re doing things right.  Stop messing around with plugins and settings for hours until you finally give up and abandon your song.  This online course will arm you with a mixing and mastering approach that works every time, for any genre, using any plugins.

What Will I Learn?

  • Have a repeatable mixing and mastering approach that works every time
  • Understand how professional tracks are mixed and mastered
  • Learn how to use a spectrum analyzer for professional results

Topics for this course

37 Lessons


Learn about reference tracks, how to get inspiration and how to set up a reference track in your project.
Course Introduction00:00:00
Sources for Reference Tracks3:36
How to Properly Import a Reference Track Into Your DAW1:49
Free Plugins the Will Change Your Life

The “Static” Mix?

Learn how to create the first version of your mix.

Analyzing a Reference Track?

Learn how to use a spectrum analyzer to understand how a professionally produced track was mixed and mastered and apply what you learn to your own tracks.

Applying What We Learned?

In this section, we'll start applying what we learned about the reference track in terms of how the instrument volumes were balanced and how to set their levels.

“Top Down Mixing” Stage 1 – Mixbus Processing?

In stage one of the "top down" mixing approach, we use effects on the master channel.

“Top Down Mixing” Stage 2 – Group Processing?

In this section, we'll start mixing the instrument groups to get closer to the finished result for our song.

“Top Down Mixing” Stage 3 – Sounds and Instruments?

In stage 3 of the "top down" mixing approach, we mix the individual sounds and instruments. By this stage, your song should already be close to sounding mixed.


At this point, our track is fully mixed using minimal processing and without any complex mixing techniques or too many plugins. this will make mastering a much simpler and more straight-forward process.

Material Includes

  • Links to download all the plugins used in the course


  • A reference track similar to your style and genre
  • Voxengo Span (free plugin)
  • Voxengo MSED (free plugin)
  • s(m)exoscope (free plugin)
  • Any DAW (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, etc...)

Target Audience

  • EDM producers
  • Mixing and mastering engineers
  • Audio engineers