Mixing EDM Vocals: Create Professional Vocal Tracks

  • Course level: Intermediate


Mixing professional vocals can mean the difference between an amateur sounding track and a hit.

Whether you’re an EDM producer who wants to create a song people will remember, or a singer who wants to transform their vocal recordings into polished, radio ready vocals, this course has everything you need.

Learn how to take a less than perfect vocal recording and transform it using volume automation, EQ, multiband compression, layering, reverb, delay and many other creative tips and tricks you won’t learn anywhere else.

In this course, you’ll learn how to make your vocals sit perfectly in the mix so that they become the star of your track.  You’ll learn how to develop your vocal mixing and production workflow and achieve great sounding vocals every time.

What Will I Learn?

  • Produce and mix professional EDM and pop vocals using any plugins
  • Get big, polished sounding vocals
  • Make any vocal recording sit well in a mix and blend with other instruments
  • Clean up less than perfect recordings
  • Use EQ, compression, multiband compression, reverb, delay & more
  • Use creative layering to take their vocal production to the next level

Topics for this course

21 Lessons


Introduction and Course Outline00:03:05
Track Listening00:04:50
Listening to the Vocals00:03:23

Vocal Arrangement

Vocal Mixing

Creative Mixing?

Creative mixing is where you forget the rules and get as creative as possible to get amazing-sounding vocals that shine.

Final Tweaks



  • Music production software (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Fl Studio, etc...)
  • Any plugins for mixing

Target Audience

  • EDM producers
  • Singers and vocalists
  • Dj's looking to get into production