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get a course made just for you

Get your tracks produced, mixed and mastered HD video while you learn from a pro

Jeff Thompson

DJ/EDM Producer

I've been working on a track for months and couldn't get it to sound the way I want.  I was so frustrated I actually started hating it.  It was so amazing to see someone with tons of knowledge and experience show me how it's properly done, and on my own track!  No regular course even comes close.

Let us produce your track for you

skip the frustration 

It's easy to feel like you'll never finish the track you're working on and that it will never sound the way you want it to.  Not anymore

get valuable feedback

Let someone with years of knowledge and experience guide you and give you feedback that will change your music production life

Watch and Learn

Watching your own track being produced, mixed & mastered is unlike anything else.  Watch, learn and get your track ready for release all the same time

Learn Every Detail of the Production, Mixing & Mastering Process & Make Amazing Music

With a Beat Tweaks custom course you never have to worry about being confused or wondering if anything was left out.  It's the ultimate learning experience and will have you wanting to finish more and more tracks.  Best of all, it does not matter what DAW or plugins you use.  You can apply the techniques using the tools you already have.

Commercial song analysis

commercial song analysis

We'll break down a track from your favorite producer and find out what makes it sound so good

Project setup

Project Setup

Learn how to setup your projects for the most effective workflow including send/return tracks, side-chaining, grouping and mix bus processing

Commercial song analysis


If you're stuck in that dreaded 8 bar loop then we'll get you out of it and finish your track for you

Project setup

sound design

We'll design brand new sounds or tweak the ones you already have to make sure they sound amazing



We'll use automation to inject life, interest and variation in your track to make your fans love you and your music

mixing & mastering

Learn how to EQ, compress and process your tracks to commercial perfection no matter what plugins you use

ok this is awesome.  now what?

As you can see, a Beat Tweaks custom course is not just another course to watch and forget.  But is it really worth it?

If you're like most producers, you want to get better at what you do and want to get your music noticed, maybe even signed.  What you need are results...fast

A custom course is unlike any other learning experience you've ever had or probably will ever have.  
Watch as a professional producer and mix/master engineer works on your track

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