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"Rish" Saksena. AKA Crimsen

Dj & Producer

Rish is a career DJ and music producer with over 10 years of experience touring the biggest events in the world including Burning Man, ADE, Electric Island and more.

Fuad Murad

EDM Producer

Fuad is an EDM producer and audio engineer with over 10 years of experience and over 30,000 students enrolled in his many courses.  He's also a seasoned digital marketer.

Get your first (or next) 1000 followers

Learn how to get people hooked and wanting to see and hear more from you. Build a social media following with people who want to come to your shows, share your content and become your super fans.

Get your first gig

Learn how to find and connect with the right people in the music industry, introduce yourself, get invited to events and land your first gig even if you're an introvert.

make money as a dj

Discover multiple revenue streams to make money as a DJ and sustain yourself as you grow your career.