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Want Your Productions to REALLY Shine?  Then Check This Out

Mix & Master Your Arrangements Like a Pro

Drums, vocals, synths, automation, transitions, drops and much more.  Learn how to take a simple arrangement and transform it into a polished master.

  • 8 hours of HD video training
  • Maximize your workflow and creativity
  • Mix lush sounding lead vocals
  • Add movement with automation
  • Get huge sounding leads, synths and basses
  • Learn the best mastering techniques

Thank you for making this course. There is so much value packed in here and all clear and straight to the point. If anyone is on the fence about taking this course I recommend you take it - Fuad takes you through Mixing and Mastering with a very easy to learn style; and it's thorough. Very well done. Oh and like he mentioned even if you use a different DAW than Ableton (I'm using Bitwig for example) or are not trying to make a Deep House track it doesn't matter - the concepts and workflow will apply to other music genres/sub-genres and are going to save you so much time. Best course I've ever taken.

Ben Child

Offers clear and helpful explanations for the various aspects of mixing that tend to be a little abstract such as compression, EQ, distortion, etc.

Jeff Thompson