EDM production courses

Learn EDM production, mixing, mastering and everything in between with simple, straight forward explanations and high quality videos.

Create big, rich, polished vocals for your EDM tracks. Make your songs shine with amazing sounding vocals with easy to follow steps and techniques used by the pros.

Get the perfect EDM kick drum by making it yourself. Learn how to design your own kick drum sounds that punch through any kicks and that sound amazing on any sound system.

Learn how to professionally master your tracks using the amazing Waves suite of plugins. See how the pros do it and which tools they do it with.

Learn how to use Fabfilter's amazing suite of plugins to professionally master your tracks. Get to know all the features of these amazing plugins and how to use them correctly.

Can't make your track as loud as you want? This course will show you how it's done. The techniques in this course are how the pros do it. Learn how to make your tracks loud and still sound good.

EDM mixing and mastering made simple and easy to understand.  Learn how to professionally mix and master your tracks, boost your confidence in your production skills, and get the sound you've always wanted.

Escape the 8-bar loop and finish any arrangement in 2 hours or less. Never get stuck again.

The only EDM mastering course you'll ever need to learn and build on the fundamentals of the mastering process.

Learn how to analyze reference tracks to see how they were mixed and mastered. Apply what you learn to your own mixes.

Know which plugins to use and the order to use them in every time without any confusion.

Become an EDM compression ninja. Learn exactly when, how and why to use compression in your productions to get that professional sound you've always wanted.

Learn how to use reference tracks to mix and master your EDM tracks professionally every single time, no matter what genre you produce, plugins you use or how much experience you have.

The first and last EDM production course you'll ever need. Get clear, easy to follow lessons on workflow, mixing, mastering, sound design and more to help you finish your first or next track quickly and easily Get all the "secrets" with no fluff and no BS. It's a course that will answer all your questions and end all the confusion.

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