free course:  The perfect edm mastering chain

use the right plugins in the best order every time

  • Works for any electronic genre
  • Master your tracks with the plugins you normally use
  • Speed up your mastering workflow

It's easy to lose focus when you're mastering your own tracks.  It's also sometimes confusing when trying to decide which plugins to use, why to use them and in what order to use them in.  This free course will clear that up and give you a mastering process to follow every time you master a track.

in this course you'll learn

A Logical approach to mastering your tracks  using your favorite plugins

why and when to use EQ, compression, distortion, stereo imaging, limiting and more for professional results

it doesn't matter which plugins you use.  It's all about the techniques

If you find yourself stuck during mastering not knowing what plugin to use first or next, this course is for you.

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