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Arrangement & Finishing Tracks

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Discover a formula and approach to escape the 8 bar loop and finish new tracks in 2 hours or less

  • Simple but powerful formula to go from blank project to a finished song
  • A clear guide to escape the 8-bar loop and get things done
  • Ableton Live project PLUS sounds and samples (wav files) to get you started

Find out how professional tracks are mixed and mastered and apply what you learn to your tracks.

  • Learn how to analyze professional tracks and apply what you learn to your own tracks
  • A mixing and mastering approach that works every time for any genre using any plugins
  • Ableton Live project PLUS sounds and samples (wav files) to get you started

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Tristan Miller

EDM Producer

Excellent course! Really brought to attention some of the causes of me getting stuck in the 8 bar loop and did an awesome job of showing how to overcome the common problems faced in getting down the arrangement.

Andrew Kasperov

EDM Producer

Amazing! Fuad is a great instructor! I learned a lot from his complete course on EDM and from this course as well! I really really wish I had enrolled years ago! Thank you so much, dear Fuad!

Guven Oguz

EDM procucer

Thank you Fuad for this very fruitful course. This short course is totally useful, giving a lot of details and tricks. I will definitely be following the trainer's other stuff. Congrats for the very clear and perfectly-organized presentation as well (which is not common in lots of well-known courses with thousands of students).