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Build your DJ career and get more gigs.

Launch your DJ career with a practical, hands on 8-week training program.  Learn how to tell your story, build a loyal following, network, and get gigs.

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meet your instructors

Fuad Murad

Fuad is the owner of Beat Tweaks and has been teaching EDM production, mixing and mastering for more than 12 years.  He also specializes in social media and digital marketing.

He's always looking for ways to help people reach their music goals and his style is easy-going, supportive and straight-forward.  

Rishabh "Rish" Saksena. AKA Crimsen

Crimsen is a professional career Dj with years of experience in the industry.  He has a deep understanding of networking, social media, artist branding branding, and gig management.

He has also earned support from industry names like Vintage Culture, Nora en pure, DJ SKT, Sam Divine and more.  With Crimsen showing you the ropes of the industry, you'll be in very good hands.