Build your dj career & STart touring

Launch your DJ career with a practical, hands on training program.  Learn how to tell your story, build a loyal following, network, and get gigs.

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8 weeks

The Get Booked Program will be limited to a small number of applicants.  We want to make sure every DJ gets the attention and guidance they need to succeed in their career.   This is an intensive program with accountability, coaching and personalized feedback, and the financial investment (and results you’ll get) reflect that.

Get your first gig (or get more)

Get all the skills you need to get your first gig. The program covers all the steps to get you from mixing in your studio to playing shows.

build a loyal fanbase

Find and grow the right audience that matches your style, personality and music. Build your army of super fans.  

be recognized as an artist

Learn how to use social media, networking, marketing, emails and more to connect with industry professionals, promoters and more.

Included in your program

Your very own coach

  • You'll be in the care of an experienced DJ with years of experience touring and networking with industry professionals
  • your coach will get to know your style, genre, personality and career goals to create the best plan for you
  • Create trust and accountability with your coach over the course of the 12-week program

Networking demystified

  • Set clear and measurable goals that will help you reach the right people with the right content and personal marketing
  • Each week will be planned out by your coach to help you tackle your goals one at a time
  • Never wonder about what you should post on social media or if your emails are good enough.  Your coach will be there to guide you

custom career path

  • Quick and easy communication between you and your coach 
  • Create a brand and content you're proud of and that will have the impact you need to move your Djing career in the right direction
  • Learn new skills without being overwhelmed 

Module 1 - Finding your audience

Figure out who your real audience is, who’s searching for your music, how to target them, and how to appeal to them.  Find your artist message and how to get it across to the people that want to hear it, and who will vibe with your message and vision.

Connect with the people who want will listen to your music and come to your gigs.  Showcase your message, personality, music taste on social media.  Be someone people want to connect with.


Module 2 - Tell your story

Show the world who you are and what you're all about, on your own terms.  Learn how to hook your audience with your message and personality and keep them interested.

Showcase your personality and interact with people in a way that's true to yourself, and that you're comfortable with.

Module 3 - Marketing essentials

Learn how to gain followers by giving value and using your music to gain popularity and introducing people to your music.

Utilize Facebook ads to gain followers, grow your email list, casual listeners into super fans that will come to your shows.

Module 4 - Email marketing

Build a lasting relationship with your fans and show them how you add value to their lives.

Get the exact emails and messages to send to keep audiences engaged, grow your social media accounts, and get them to by die hard fans, so if you come to town they will show up.

Module 5 - Getting your first gig

Use all the hard work you put into building your audience to get your first gig.  Learn how to find the right people inside your audience to reach out to.  FInd the right contacts and industry and get them to reply.

The exact process to find and connect with the industry contacts that will have a direct impact on your career and how to reach out to them.  The exact emails to send them to get them to reply to you

We'll also cover the basics of using a CRM to help you stay organized, keep track of follow-ups,

Module 6 - Building relationships

Stay top of mind with talent buyers and booking agents using email marketing so that when they think of booking someone for an event, they think of you first - without being pushy or desperate.

Discover the one social platform that gets best results and how to use it to interact with the right people to get event invites, and gig bookings.

Includes email and social media message templates.

Module 7 - Real world networking

Leverage in person-events to build on your online interactions, and make an impression on the people that will make an impact on your career and get you through the door.  

Your networking mindset - how to prepare, showcase your personality, become part of the inner circle even if you’re an introvert.

Ask the right questions.  Be curious, explore, add good vibes, bring the right energy to the room so people want to get to know you.

How to follow up and keep in touch after an event the right way without being desperate or pushy.  

Module 8 - Analyze Your Results

Review everything you've done, make changes, and improve. Learn how to analyze the things that matter to get more call backs, replies, event invites and gigs.

Course curriculum

This course provides students with a solid foundation to market themselves, build a fan base, and connect with industry professionals.  You will develop knowledge on how to use social media, email marketing, event networking, and personal branding to land gigs and build a long-term career as a DJ.

Bonus #1:  Email Templates

Get the exact emails used by top DJs to connect with booking agents, event managers, A&Rs and industry professionals.  These emails will open up a world up connections that will kick start your career and help you build the relationships you need to succeed.

Bonus #2:  Relationship management template

Keep track of all your contacts, messages, follow ups and more with an expertly crafted spreadsheet.  This template is based on years of industry experience and includes the information you need to network and grow your career.

meet your instructors

Fuad Murad

Fuad is the owner of Beat Tweaks and has been teaching EDM production, mixing and mastering for more than 12 years.  He also specializes in social media and digital marketing.

He's always looking for ways to help people reach their music goals and his style is easy-going, supportive and straight-forward. 

Rishabh "Rish" Saksena. AKA Crimsen

Crimsen is a Dj and producer hailing from Toronto, Canada.  He's performed in some of the world's biggest tours including Burning, ADE, Electric Island and more.

He has also earned support from industry names like Vintage Culture, Nora en pure, DJ SKT, Sam Divine and more.

Today's DJs have to be more agile than ever

This 8 week coaching program will give you direct access to a seasoned career DJ with years of knowledge and experience in the industry.

First, you'll establish your personal brand and signature style and set realistic goals. Then, you'll work with your coach to put a system in place to reach the right people in the industry and get booked for gigs.

Our goal is for you to gain the skills and knowledge to market yourself and skills to the right people at the right time and place, turning your passion into a career.

We live in a world where how you present yourself is just as important as your technical skills.  Making great mixes and having the skills to chop and mix tunes is a must, but it's not enough to turn a hobby into a lasting career.  

You need to think of yourself as a more than just an artist.  You're a walking, talking business, and a business needs marketing, PR and a relationships to grow and succeed.

You have two choices.

One, you could do what post DJs do and post randomly on social media, message random people asking them to listen to your mixes, and email promoters who have no idea who you are.

Two, you can tell your story, build an audience that wants to see and hear what you do (and come to your shows), get invited to events and meet the people that will help you get you gigs.

The Get Booked Program is the most comprehensive Dj marketing training in the industry today.

We start by making sure you get crystal clear on the most important of becoming a career DJ:

Telling your story.

And to do that we being by covering three fundamental topics

  • Your personal story - who you are and what you're about
  • Growing an audience - find the people who want to know you, hear you and come to your shows
  • Relationship building - the events, people and networks to launch your career

His goal is to see me succeed

Rishabh stands out as the best mentor I have ever had. In an industry overflowing with knowledge and distractions, he's has been the key in helping me maintain focus. He goes the extra mile to ensure my understanding, dedicating additional time whenever I struggle with a concept. His goal is to see me succeed.

James Donovon

DJ/EDM Producer

Frequently asked questions

We do our best to make sure everything about the Get Booked Program is as clear as possible.  

What will my schedule look like?

Each module requires your attendance in one weekly class which will be 1-2 hours long. The classes take place between 7-9pm EST and will be on the same day each week. The class day will be confirmed a week before the start of each term, but all classes are recorded and archived, so you can watch any time. You'll also be able to book five 1-2-1 sessions with your instructor per module per term for additional support - these take place in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11 of your course.


How does this program work?

This is unlike any other Dj program out there. You are personally guided by a professional DJ and provided with regular opportunities to discuss your progress to get expert feedback on your progress

  • Classes : weekly live online classes with your instructor
  • Live Tutorials : 1-2-1 tutorials between you and your instructor every two weeks
  • All live classes are recorded and made available for you to rewatch any time.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Yes, the program is suitable for all skill lvelevls.  it does require a time commitment and a willingness to create contemt, network and learn marketing.

How long will it for you to finish my project?

It can take anywhere from 7-10 days to finish your project.  We want to make sure it sounds perfect and is ready to be released to the world.  We also want you to learn from the finished project so we always take the time to set all the plugins and effects as best as possible.

What materials are included in the program?

In addition to the online classes, the program comes with templates for emails, messages, and guidelines to help you reach out to the right people in the industry, get replies, and get booked.

What support do I get during the program?

Throughout the program, you'll be supported by an expert instructor as well as a marketing expert to make sure you get the most of your time.  Each class will be followed by a Q&A session and you can post questions at any time.

I have other questions.

No problem!  If you have questions, feel free to reach out by clicking here.

Let's get started.

It's time to kick start your career as a professional DJ, connect with industry movers and shakers, and get more gigs.

  • Weekly live classes with an experienced career DJ
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Marketing  templates, documents, and swipe files included
  • Lifetime access to recorded classes
  • Career support

Limited time offer.  Get 50% off.

$997 $497

/ One-time payment

What the DJs have to say

The Get Booked training program has helped many DJs grow their careers, network with industry professionals, get event invites, and get more gigs.

Adam Mason

Dj & Producer

Thanks to Crimsen, I am now on the right path to being within reaching distance of the label I want to be signed to, a really important milestone to getting my music career really started and accomplishing my goals of expressing my creative side and love for house music.

Adina Nova

Dj & Producer

While many technical learning can be done online through YouTube and other tutorials, this mentorship is great for honing in on a genre and giving you customized feedback to help take you to that next level. Super grateful for being able to learn from an amazing DJ and producer.