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A library of top EDM production, mixing & mastering trainings that actually help you make professional EDM tracks 

If you're like most EDM producers, you're probably struggling with:

Finishing more tracks, knowing what plugins to use and why to use them, and using proper mixing and mastering techniques to make your tracks as good as commercially released tracks from your favorite producers.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You always get struck in the 8-bar loop and can't finish songs.  You start a new track, get stuck in a loop, get bored of it and move on without finishing it.
  • You've struggled with mixing and mastering because you listen to nonsense advice and people telling you that you need a studio, expensive plugins and gear for your tracks to sound good
  • You don't feel like your music or your skills are good enough to be released when you compare them to commercially released tracks from your favourite producers

But what if you could:

  • Start and finish new tracks faster than ever any time you feel like it without getting stuck in 8-bar loops...
  • Mix and master with confidence and without any confusion and knowing exactly what plugins to use and how to use them to get the results you want...
  • Achieve commercial level tracks using any plugins (yes, even free ones), on any headphones or speakers, anywhere, anytime...

This is how we've helped producers go from staring at blank projects to finishing and releasing professional quality EWDM tracks.

what makes beat tweaks different?

When it comes to producing professional EDM tracks at home, many producers follow advice they get from random Youtube videos and "experts" who have already invested a lot of money in their equipment and setup.  Beat Tweaks teaches producers that they don't need fancy equipment or expensive plugins.  You can make professional EDM tracks no matter what DAW, plugins and equipment you have, even if you're doing it on a 10 year old laptop and earbuds.

EDM production can be confusing.  There are thousands of Youtube videos and courses out there and they all teach different things in different ways.  Which advice do you follow?  We've helped thousands of producers with the simplest and most straight-forward advice - without all the weird and complicated way of doing things. 

When you become a Beat Tweaks Pro member you will:

  • Learn the simple but very powerful workflow to finish tracks quickly and easily ( and never get stuck in an 8-bar loop ever again)

  • Make mixing and mastering something you actually understand and enjoy because it's explained in a way that's easy to follow and implement

  • Use step-by-step action plans to get unstuck if you ever find yourself struggling while producing your tracks

It's not about what plugins or speakers you have or what DAW you use, it's all about you and the skills you have.  Learning how and why things work in EDM production will given you the confidence and skills you need to make and release music you're proud of and that the world wants (and needs) to hear.  So invest in Beat Tweaks Pro and invest in yourself.

As a Beat Tweaks Pro member you will:

  • Use simple, straight-forward workflows to finish more tracks faster than ever before
  • Make tracks that sound as good as any professional, commercially released tracks by your favorite producers
  • Make arrangements that keep fans and listeners engaged and wanting to listen to more of your music
  • Use simple, straight-forward workflows to finish more tracks faster than ever before
  • Make tracks that sound as good as any professional, commercially released tracks by your favorite producers
  • Make arrangements that keep fans and listeners engaged and wanting to listen to more of your music

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thousands of producers

tim stubbs


"Man. This filled in all the gaps for me. Excellent teacher and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. This is guaranteed to take your productions to the next level and save you thousands of dollars paying for college."

Maniche farande


"Beat Tweaks has all the answers.. without any confusions.. explains each and every step of music production in a way that anyone can understand.. Definitely gives the confidence to call yourself a music producer."

Morrison barreto

EDM producer

"Oh my God. It's like years of EDM school packed in a very engaging and factual way. Especially if you're a beginner who is lost and wandering about when it comes to mixing(like me), this will give you all you need to set your path right."

learn your way

Whether you're new to EDM production or an experienced pro, there's something for you here

beat tweaks pro


Get feedback on your tracks, answers to all your questions, access to courses and more



Personalized, one-on-one video coaching to help you reach your goals and get motivated

edm production


Get lifetime access to the absolute best EDM production courses you'll find anywhere

your beat tweaks pro path

Here's what the next few months will look like inside Beat Tweaks pro

  • Get a custom learning path made just for you that shows you exactly what to focus on to reach your music goals
  • Use the Q&A section if you get stuck and need help with your projects or have a question you need a proper answer for
  • Discover courses, trainings and explanations you won't find anywhere else.  There are no secrets here, you'll learn it all
  • Sign up for member-only workshops, Q&A sessions and trainings designed to fill in the gaps and boost your skills
  • Get step-by-step action plans to get unstuck and moving forward with your productions
  • Access deals and special offers on artist services up to 50% off.  Whether you need coaching, mixing and mastering or your Ableton Live project done for you, get it for much less

Courses for every EDM production skill you'll ever need

As a Beat Tweaks Pro member you'll get instant access to every course and training we have to offer.  This includes courses you won't find available anywhere else.  Whether you need to finish more tracks, mix and master at a professional level, or get more creative with your arrangement and sound design - these courses have helped 30,000+ EDM producers reach their goals and pursue their passion.

Mixing EDM Vocals: Create Professional Vocal Tracks

Create big, rich, polished vocals for your EDM tracks. Make your songs shine with amazing sounding vocals with easy to follow steps and techniques used by the pros.

EDM Kick Drum Sound Design and Mixing – Create Awesome Kicks

Get the perfect EDM kick drum by making it yourself. Learn how to design your own kick drum sounds that punch through any kicks and that sound amazing on any sound system.

EDM Mastering With Waves Plugins

Learn how to professionally master your tracks using the amazing Waves suite of plugins. See how the pros do it and which tools they do it with.

EDM Mastering With Fabfilter Plugins

Learn how to use Fabfilter's amazing suite of plugins to professionally master your tracks. Get to know all the features of these amazing plugins and how to use them correctly.

EDM Mastering for Maximum Loudness

Can't make your track as loud as you want? This course will show you how it's done. The techniques in this course are how the pros do it. Learn how to make your tracks loud and still sound good.

Mixing & Mastering EDM

EDM mixing and mastering made simple and easy to understand.  Learn how to professionally mix and master your tracks, boost your confidence in your production skills, and get the sound you've always wanted.


EDM Arrangement Masterclass: Finish Your Next Track in Less Than 2 Hours

Escape the 8-bar loop and finish any arrangement in 2 hours or less. Never get stuck again.

The Complete EDM Mastering Course

The only EDM mastering course you'll ever need to learn and build on the fundamentals of the mastering process.


How to Analyze Reference Tracks

Learn how to analyze reference tracks to see how they were mixed and mastered. Apply what you learn to your own mixes.


The Perfect Mastering Chain

Know which plugins to use and the order to use them in every time without any confusion.

EDM Compression & Dynamics

Become an EDM compression ninja. Learn exactly when, how and why to use compression in your productions to get that professional sound you've always wanted.

EDM Mixing & Mastering With Reference Tracks

Learn how to use reference tracks to mix and master your EDM tracks professionally every single time, no matter what genre you produce, plugins you use or how much experience you have.

The Complete EDM Production Course

The first and last EDM production course you'll ever need. Get clear, easy to follow lessons on workflow, mixing, mastering, sound design and more to help you finish your first or next track quickly and easily Get all the "secrets" with no fluff and no BS. It's a course that will answer all your questions and end all the confusion.

need more than just courses?

Join Beat Tweaks Pro free for 14 days.  Access the entire course library PLUS get direct feedback on your tracks, answers to all your most burning questions, and help if you ever get stuck on a mix, mastering session, arrangement, sound design, or anything in between.  Learning EDM production is so much easier when you're not alone.

Learn the art in a proper form

If you are truly in the game to learn the art in a proper form; Learn with Fuad.  I have learned so much from him and I'll tell you what; my workflow, mixing and mastering have gotten better than I could have ever imagined.

yashar khaligh

Music Procucer



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