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Get instant access to a course that will show how to analyze professionally produced tracks to learn how they were mixed and mastered, then apply what you learn to your own tracks.

  • Stop mixing and mastering in the dark, learn how the pros do it
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  • Stop the confusion and develop a mixing and mastering workflow that works every time

The difference between amateur sounding tracks and professional ones is mixing and mastering.  You don't need any fancy gear or expensive plugins to get professional sounding tracks.  What you do need is an approach that works.  That approach is to use and analyze reference tracks and apply what you learn from them to your own tracks.  This free online course will teach you how to use a spectrum analyzer and other free tools to understand how a professional track was mixed and mastered.  

in this course you'll learn

what makes a professionally produced track sound the way it does

How to use a spectrum analyzer to break analyze a professional track and apply what you learn to your own track

Simple but effective mixing and mastering techniques you won't learn anywhere else.

If you've always wondered why your tracks don't sound as good as the pros no matter what you do, then this free course is for you.

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