go from undiscovered to fans, followers,
streams & Recognition

Build your brand, promote your music and get the attention you deserve

Being a music producer with no fans or listeners sucks.  Putting out a new release and getting nothing in return is also not the best feeling in the world.  The whole reason we make music is so that others can hear it right?  But what if you have no fans or followers anywhere?  Where do you even begin?

You need a marketing plan.  A plan that gets you fans and followers, attention from record labels and music blogs, and that turns your hobby into an actual career.  The old school way of promoting your music doesn't work, it's as simple as that, not unless you have thousands and thousands to spend.  Even then the results will not be what you expected.

They key is having a strategy that builds your online brand and gets you noticed by the right people.  That's very different from blasting out your Soundcloud link to as many random people as possible and hoping for the best.  That's not a plan.

Making and folowing a plan to grow is not easy though.  You need to be active on social media, putting out videos and teasers, promoting your singles, and somehow still have enough time to actually make some music.  It can get overwhelming pretty fast.

It doesn't matter if you just want more genuine followers on Instagram or want to sell out your next show.  The way to do it is the same.  You need an online brand, a social following, and dedicated fans and followers who want to see and hear more from you.