EDM Mastering Course Bundle – Beat Tweaks

Get 5 EDM Mastering Courses ($235 Value) For Just $67

Over 9 hours of HD video content packed with everything you need to master your tracks like a pro and get your music noticed and up to commercial quality.

Courses You'll Get:

Watch the vidoes below for more information about each course


Mastering EDM With Fabfilter


Mastering EDM With Ozone 6


Mastering EDM With Ozone 7


Mastering EDM With Waves


Mastering For Maximum Loudness

What You'll Learn

The tools & plugins used for professional mastering

How to properly setup your mastering chain

Beginner & advanced EQ, compression, & saturation techniques for a professional sounding master

Comprehensive multiband processing techniques

How to achieve commercial loudness with little or no distortion

Advanced spectral analysis & reference track analysis