Mid Side EQ – The Ultimate Guide

Learning how to use mid side EQ to mix and master your tracks can be tricky.  First, you need to understand what mid side EQ is and how and when and why to use it.

A good starting point is to actually understand what mid side is.  

An audio signal can have two possible components, a mid component, and a side component.  

The mid component is anything in the audio that’s panned directly in the middle, or what is known as mono.

The side component is anything that lives around the middle.  things like reverb, delay, and stereo synth sounds can be found in the side component of a piece of audio.

With mid side EQ, you can EQ those components separately.  This can be extremely useful for things like:

  • Cleaning up stereo reverb in audio loops
  • Making room for mono vocals by EQing the mid part of your synth group
  • EQing the low frequencies in your synths to make room for the kick and bass

…and much more.

In this detailed video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about mid side EQ, how to use it, when to use, and how to use it to get cleaner mixes and masters and fix problems in your mix.

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