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If you've taken a course with me or did some one-on-one coaching, then you'll know I take suggestions very seriously.  In fact, most of my courses, videos and blog posts are based on feedback and suggestions.

When I make a new course or record a new video, I'm not doing it for myself, I'm doing it for all of you.  So this post is all about you.  Use the comments section below to make suggestions for new courses, blog posts, videos, or anything else that comes to mind.  No suggestion is too small!

I'll be going through all the suggestions and thinking of different ways to use them.  They could turn into free courses, blog posts, or live Q&A sessions.

Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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  1. A complete rock guitar on fl studio tutorial 👌 would be great! Making guitars sounds wide, clear yet dirty, tips tricks to balancing mixing them,

  2. Could you make a Techno or Melodic Techno course like the EDM 2018's course, but for intermediate/advanced producers?

  3. I am struggeling in automations for sound design and mixing. I have seen alot of how to sound like…and alot of autimations for different effects and sound design but none explaining the meaning of why they do it, howto and what is the effects the automations creates. By the way i am not a producer, i am just a dreamer, a wannabe … I love electronic music, genres like electro, slap house, rave, bigroom, dutch house…artists like Bassjackers, Timmy Trumpet, Kshmr, Wiwek, Quintino,Steve Aoki are my favourites… Music was my biggest passion and hobby from 90's when i first heard R.A.N.K 1, Infected Mushrooms, Westbam, Darude…

    But i am sure i would never be like any of this artists i listed here, because i cant afford pay for courses, plugins or daws… I am a pour romanian father of 6kids, 40 years old…that fights to survive from one months to another …

    1. You don't need to pay for a lot of courses and plugins to be like those artists Romeo :). You're already a dreamer and have the passion for it, the rest is just practice. You'll get there! God bless you and your family, keep the fight going and I'm here to help you with your dream 🙂

  4. Hey Fuad, I'm very happy to hear from you as always!

    I would love a course on how to remix a song. Some kind of step-by-step guide that is not genre specific, so every producer can learn how to remix any song in any genre that they produce. I'm sure a lot of producers would very much appreciate such a course.

    Also, would you consider making genre-specific courses? Like Slap House or Tropical, or festival genres like Big Room or EDM Trap?

    As for non-music content, I think it might great if you'd make a mini course on how to keep apace with the trends of 2022, where to look for up-to-date sounds, samples, and presets. The problem is, you can hardly ever know whether a certain samples pack has been made recently or five years ago. It's never written anywhere and I understand why. So how do we make sure that the sounds we purchase or get for free are fresh and up-to-date?

    Hope the suggestions are good and noteworthy.


  5. I am always looking for courses on sound design. Most of the courses I find have very simar content and explain the basics of sound design and what various steps are used etc.
    What I am looking for is 2 topics in detail being:
    1. Details about designing sounds and what makes them work. It's easy to copy a sound but it's not so easy to develop a new unique sound that catches the attention of the audience.
    2. The second topic is an in depth course on sampling and creating plugin instruments. This would include the building of the instrument with various control features.

    I have many other suggestions but will keep it to these for now.

  6. Writing bass lines – for any genre
    Selecting bass sounds and how to layer them

    Automation – I know what it is and how to use it but it would be great to learn techniques using automation to make a song sound not so flat. As in using eq automaton and pitch automation and risers using automation etc.

  7. A course on sound design , layering of sounds with eq , compressions etc to get that big sounds . Preferable with free plugins like vital or surge .. thanks

  8. Hi I'm taking your Complete EDM Production Course on Udemy. Do you think you could possibly add a version of the song you make in the course using Serum?

  9. I think having a general overview and history of the various genres of Electronic music for those who are discovering it for the first time would be awesome. Also a drum programming tutorial. You could show how to do various rhythmic patterns with a midi controller/pads and finger drumming and how to draw the patterns with midi notes.

  10. 非常好的教程,我这里是中国,可惜没有中国的银行卡或者中国的微信 支付宝支付方式,付款不来,看不了您的教程,太可惜了,您的教程学习视频要是有字幕可以翻译成中文就完美了,就像youtube上的视频一样字幕可以翻译成中文看,希望有一天可以看到您的教程。

  11. An Overview and in-depth exploration of Saturation/Tape Saturation/Tube Saturation and Harmonic distortion at large would be interesting from your perspective and unique teaching style.

    Processing chains for Vox, Bass, Guitar, Drums, FX, Etc. with generalized principles for many up-and-coming Engineers is another cool topic I could see you really developing well.

    Exploration of Mixing and Mastering exclusively with Headphones in the Box for beginners using the variety of PlugIns that allow that.

  12. I would like to see walkthroughs of you creating different styles of music, this way we could follow along and use it as a template, similar to how you do in your course on arranging a song. Different EDM styles, synthwave, hyperpop, etc would be cool. I find that follow along song tutorials like this are better than pulling a song into the daw and just using your ears. This way we can see and you can tell us what kind of sound you are going for, then we can input our own sounds and melodies and progressions, using your suggestions, to create our own songs. Would definitely look forward to something like this and please let me know if it is something you'd do, I'll be there!

  13. Hey Fuad,

    I want to start by thanking you for sharing your wisdom. I have gained enormous amounts of value so far.
    Per request submission; I am in love with Above and beyond. Their sound is so unique and beautiful. I wonder if you could provide any guidance regarding how to build such sounds. A course and or a video would be greatly appreciated.
    Tony Anderson is another artist who has a unique sound. His sound pallet usually hovers over bass, low mid and mid and yet he manages to mix the most cohesive and beautiful sound. If you have any insights into how he goes about generating those sounds and mixing them. I would forever owe you.
    Thank you for all you do.

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