the complete edm mastering course

Learn the fundamentals of mastering EDM tracks for loudness, clarity, punch and balance.  Understand the mastering process and how to use EQ, compression, saturation, as well as more advanced mastering techniques. 

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The mastering process is the last step of the production process before sending your music off for distribution.  It is a critical step to your success as an EDM producer.

The Complete EDM Mastering course gives you everything you need to have a solid understanding of the mastering process while removing any confusion.

Learn the fundamentals of the mastering process like headroom, peak and RMS loudness, controlling transients, using EQ, compression, saturation and much more.

The course is easy to follow and uses simple, straight forward language to make sure everything is clear.  

If you've ever wanted your tracks to sound loud, clear and punchy, then this course is definitely for you.

what you'll learn

course modules



Critical Listening - Figuring Out What To Do And Why

Mastering Notes - Identifying Issues And Setting Goals

The Mastering Process


Mid Side EQ - A Superb Technique For Creating Width And Depth

EQ Continued - Cleaning Problem Frequencies, Adding Clarity and Punch

Glue Compression - Adding Thickness and Presence

Peak Compression - Precise Peak Control for More Loudness and Headroom

Multiband Compression - Controlling Low-Mid Peaks and Muddy Frequencies

Saturation - Adding Richness and Warmth Using Harmonic Distortion

Parallel Compression - Your Secret Weapon For Power and Punch

Limiting - How To Get Maximum Loudness Without Distortion


The Mastered Song And Important Take Aways

meet your instructor

Fuad Murad is the founder of Beat Tweaks and instructor of the Complete EDM Production course.  He has a passion for sharing his knowledge about mixing and mastering and believes there are no "secrets" when it comes to EDM production.  He also loves to cook.

Fuad Murad

Founder @ Beat Tweaks

My ONLY goal is to make sure you get to where you want to be with your music and that you get there while enjoying the journey.  I promise to always answer your questions and make sure you're never left confused about anything.

Never be confused about the mastering process ever again.  This course will teach you the basics of mastering as well as more advanced techniques while still keeping things simple and easy to understand.

mortimer barten

DJ/EDM producer

Wow, it's an eye-opener on how to produce great mastering results w/o spending further money on plugins.  The course is built up in an easy-to-follow and very comprehensive way. Fuad makes you listen along a lot, and at first that seems a bit lengthy, but eventually you realize how that enhances your own listening skills. Then he explains what he does or just did and you start connecting it to what you hear. Very well done!



edm producer

Hands down the best audio mastering course, these concepts could be applied to any genre with any daw. In other words, it is a concise explanation of the 'concepts' necessary to begin to actually master your own tracks. Also, his attitude is very humble and modest. Which to me is a clear indication that he is an expert in this particular field as he doesn't have to bring anything or anyone down to be at the highest level!



EDM producer

Excellent delivery for someone new to the Mastering lingo. Before you start destroying one of your own tracks, take this course as it moves along swiftly and Faud makes things easy to understand.

course bonuses

support from an actual expert

Fuad has been studying and teaching EDM production, mixing and mastering for over 12 years.  So if you're ever stuck you can be sure he'll be there to help you work through any problem or question you have.

Support comes in the form of a Q&A forum, email replies and video replies or tutorials directly from the questions you ask.

always current and updated

Music is always changing and so are the techniques being used to make it.  Stay up to date with the best skills and knowledge that will keep you ahead of the game. 

There are no secrets at Beat Tweaks.  You'll learn every trick and tip and every approach being used today to make your music sound amazing.

no question unanswered

That's a promise.  Every question you ask will be answered to make sure you have a deep understanding of the concepts and techniques used in EDM production.  

Feel confident in your skills and always feel like you have somebody there to help you if you get stuck or need help.

frequently asked questions

there are tons of other courses out there, why beat tweaks?

You're right there are tons of courses and videos out there about EDM production.  The problem with pretty much all of them is that they leave stuff out and don't answer all of your questions.  Every Beat Tweaks course is built from years of experience and constantly updated based on feedback from students and other producers.  

Also, you'll never be left to just learn on your own.  When you take a Beat Tweaks course, the support and answers to all your questions comes with it.  

Do I need special plugins or equipment?

Nope.  You can follow along and learn no matter what DAW, plugins or equipment you have.  It doesn't matter if you use Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio or Garageband, the concepts you learn can be applied anywhere.

You'll also learn how to use the plugins and equipment you already have to make amazing music.  So even if all you have is a laptop and cheap earbuds, you'll still be able to make professional EDM tracks.

Can you help me finish my tracks?

This course is meant to help you learn the skills you need to make amazing music at a fraction of the cost of hiring a coach.

If you do end of needing one-on-one help because you don't have the time or simply don't want to do it yourself, then you can I offer discounted coaching calls to my students.

You can also check out this awesome service (if you use Ableton or Logic Pro) where you send in your project and you get it back professionally produced, mixed and mastered.


what is the refund policy?

You have 30 days to ask for a full refund, no questions asked.  That being said we're always trying to improve, so your feedback is always appreciated. 

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