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Preview this course

EDM production courses should be easy to follow, straight to the point, and not leave out any important information or keep "secrets" from you.  The Complete EDM Production course is THE EDM production course, built based on questions, comments and suggestions from thousands of producers from across the world.  It's built with you in mind and designed to make learning EDM production, sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering quick and simple.  No matter what DAW you use, genre you produce or plugins you use, you'll be able to transform the ideas in your head into professional tracks ready for release.

Your EDM production journey starts here

When you sign up you get more than just a course.  You get a blueprint for becoming a confident, successful musician

Make music you're proud of

Music is an expression of who you are. Learn to get over your self doubts and the the belief that you need special equipment, expensive plugins, or "secrets" to produce, mix and master professional EDM tracks.

end the confusion

There's a million different ways to do sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering.  Where do you even begin?  Stop trying to piece together a bunch of random tips and tricks to figure things out.  Get a step-by-step approach that works every single time.

find your sound

Get the technical stuff out of the way and learn how to make the music you want to make.  Find your signature sound and style and learn how to do it over and over again so you can turn your music into a career, grow your fans and followers and do what you

Alex George

I'm sad I can't leave a 10 star review. This is the best EDM course I've ever taken.  If you wonder how the best producers in the world make their tracks sound the way they do, get this course. Even if you are a beginner, this course is just for everyone. The best thing about this course is that you don't need to have Ableton to follow. I followed just fine with my DAW. The instructor is super responsive, and it is clear that he is very professional towards music production. Thank you very much, Fuad. I'm certain I will get some of your other courses in the future should I need them.

Course Modules

Here's what's you'll learn inside this course


Module 1:  Introduction

A quick introduction to the course along with information about the genre we call EDM, equipment recommendations (you don't need much) and everything you need to get started.


Module 2:  The Basics

No matter which DAW you use, whether it's Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro or something else, this module covers the basics of DAWs, plugins, channels and effects.


Module 3:  plugins

In addition to the plugins that come with your DAW, you'll be introduced to some life changing free plugins used throughout the course.


Module 4:  Sound Design (sylenth1)

Sylenth1 is one of the best and most popular synthesizers used in EDM production.  It is awesome and you'll learn how to use it to make the sounds you need.


Sound design (helm)

HELM is one of the best free synthesizers out there.  it's packed with features and it sounds incredible.  This section is dedicated to creating some of the most used EDM sounds using HELM.


Module 3:  workflow

I you want to be a pro then you have to go with the flow, a workflow.  Learn how to setup your projects, tracks, channels, send and returns so you can get more done in much less time and feel more confident.



Discover an approach to starting and finishing tracks fast that works every single time no matter genre you produce.  learn how to create impactful intros, buildups, breakdowns, drops, outros and more.


modules 8-12: Mixing

Never be confused about mixing again.  Learn how to use EQ, compression, distortion, multi band compression as well as other tools and techniques to get that professional sound every time.


Module 13:  reverb & delay

In this module we'll go through adding depth, width and dimension using reverb and delay.  Learn simple, straight forward techniques and workflows to dial in the perfect reverb and delay on your tracks.


Module 14:  quality control

Tweaking and making changes is an essential part of the EDM production process.  But there's a proper way to make tweaks without ruining all the hard work you put into making your tracks.  


module 15: mastering

Get your tracks ready for release for any platform.  The mastering process is easy if  you know what you're doing and why you're doing it.  Learn to master your tracks with confidence knowing that you're actually making things sound better.

get started now with the most complete edm production course

bonuses: take your edm production game a step further

Level up your skills and music career with set by step action plans and video tutorials designed to help you get things done

Bonus 1: action plans

Don't want to have to go through an entire course or buy a new one just find out how to do one thing?  Action plans are step by step guides designed to help you go through common production, mixing and mastering activities quickly and easily.

Bonus 2: quick win videos

Sometimes all you need is for someone to quickly show how something is done.  You don't want an entire course, 15 minute long YouTube video or 3000 word blog post, just a quick little video.  That's exactly what "quick wins" are.  60-second videos packed with more information than a lot of courses.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Tim stubbs

EDM Producer

Man. This filled in all the gaps for me. Excellent teacher and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. This is guaranteed to take your productions to the next level and save you thousands of dollars paying for college.

maniche farande

DJ & EDM Producer

It has all the answers.. without any confusions.. explains each and every step of music production in a way that anyone can understand.. Definitely gives the confidence to call yourself a music producer.

Morrison Barreto

EDM Producer

Oh my God. It's like years of EDM school packed in a very engaging and factual way. If you're a beginner who is lost and wandering about when it comes to mixing(like me), this will give you all you need to set your path right. 

but what if...?

I'm a complete beginner

Then this course is literally perfect for you.  It was made with you in mind but at the same time is designed to help you move through the stages and advance to intermediate and pro.  You'll learn all the basics of using a DAW, plugins, effects, arrangement, sound design, mixing, mastering and much more.

I don't use ableton live

Yes, this course is made using Ableton Live.  No, it does not matter one little bit.  You know why?  Because you'll be learning techniques and workflows, not plugins and software.  So you can use ANY DAW including Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, GarageBand or anything else.

I don't have "good"plugins"

The good plugins are the ones that already come with your DAW, that's (almost) all you need.  When you sign up for the course you'll also learn about some "secret" FREE plugins that will change your life.  You don't need any paid 3rd party plugins to make amazing music. 

I'm a pro

So you've been doing this for years and are pretty good it.  That's great!  You'll still learn a ton from this course.  You'll learn how to improve your workflow, finish more music, and do it all in such less time while being more creative and without running out of ideas.

I don't know music theory

That's OK.  A lot of professional producers, some of the biggest ones in the world, don't either.  That should not get in the way of making music.  There are tons of other ways to start and finish new tracks and we'll go through some of them in this course.  In fact, this course is based on making a track using a construction kit.

i produce a different genre

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of EDM production.  The things you learn can be applied to any genre, no matter what it is.  This course is all about concepts and techniques.  it's about understanding how and why things work and how to apply them to get the sound you're looking for.  

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get access to the complete EDM production course & transform the way you produce music

You can sign up and get lifetime access to the course or get it as part of the Beat Tweaks Pro membership.  Learn:

  • The fundamentals and basics of EDM production, DAWs, gear and plugins
  • How to start and finish arrangements quickly and easily
  • The basics of sound design and how to create essential EDM sounds
  • Professional mixing & mastering using any plugins, in any DAW
  • much more...

meet your instructor

Fuad Murad is the founder of Beat Tweaks and instructor of the Complete EDM Production course.  He has a passion for sharing his knowledge about mixing and mastering and believes there are no "secrets" when it comes to EDM production.  He also loves to cook.

Jenny Dang

EDM Producer

Have taken a few EDM courses but this ones been the most informative on tech by far and is helping me move forward more efficiently. I highly recommend!

glenn haven

DJ & EDM Producer

Fuad is very in depth, clear and easy to understand. Other courses I've taken were not very engaging which made me not want to watch those anymore, this course has given me inspiration to keep going as a music producer!

Kaycee Morgan

EDM Producer

Absolutely incredible course. All of the questions I had about producing were answered and the explanations were so broken down and easy to understand. I feel so much more confident after doing this course. Thank you so much!!