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learn professional EDM mastering using the plugins you love.

Get confident with your mastering skills and master your tracks at a professional level with a course bundle that includes stock plugins, Fabfilter, Waves and Izotope Ozone.

enhance your listening skills

Mastering is all about listening.  Learn what to listen for, how to listen for it and what to do about it to achieve the best possible mastering results.

boost your confidence

Mastering can feel like walking around in the dark.  But not anymore.  Get the skills and confidence to know what you're doing and why you're doing it.  

professional results

It doesn't matter which DAW or plugins you use or whether to not you have any fancy gear, speakers or headphones.  Get professional results with just stock and free plugins.

what courses are included?

the complete edm mastering course

The classic.  If you want to achieve professional mastering without spending any money then course if for you.  Learn professional EDM mastering using stock and free plugins

edm mastering with waves plugins

Waves has some of the best and most comprehensive set of plugins out there.  Learn how to use Waves plugins to professionally master your tracks, make them loud, clean, punchy and ready to go.

edm mastering with fabfilter plugins

Few plugins offer as much quality, easy of use, functionality and beautiful interfaces as Fabfilter.  Use Pro-Q, Pro-C, Pro-L, Saturn and more to master your tracks to perfection.

EDM Mastering With Izotope Ozone

When it comes to modern mastering plugins and features, few come close to Izotope Ozone.  With its intuitive interface and powerful modules, you can achieve any mastering quality you want.

EDM Mastering for maximum loudness

This one is a little different.  This course will show you, in the simplest, most straight-forward way possible how to make your tracks insanely loud.  The best part?  Using just free plugins.

get the edm mastering course bundle & save

Boost your confidence as an EDM producer and master the ins and outs of EDM mastering

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Andrew Kasperov

EDM Producer

All of Fuad's courses are amazing!

This course is great, just as well as all Fuad's courses! Now I see that It is not too difficult to achieve good sound!

Kennedy mudzwari

DJ & EDM Producer

Truly articulate explanations

Wow, this man knows what mastering is all about, I am honored. Truly articulate in terms of explanations, I now understand what the Dynamic EQ does. Stereo imagining with multi-bands that was an eye opener. You have made me fall in love with Ozone. Fuad, thank you, you really are great with mastering.

John mark

EDM Producer

He explains all the important details in an accurate, understandable way

Hands down the best audio mastering course, these concepts could be applied to any genre with any daw. In other words, it is a concise explanation of the 'concepts' necessary to begin to actually master your own tracks.

get all the mastering skills you need in one bundle

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