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workflow booster action plan

A step by step guide to help you develop a professional EDM production workflow, get organized, and finish more tracks fast.

Boost your confidence and pursue your music with more purpose by working and thinking like a pro.

How many times have you opened your DAW, started a new project, stared at it for a while, opened some YouTube Videos, messed around with some plugins, and then closed your DAW without saving?

It happens to a lot of producers, and not only beginners.

Even the pros get that nasty creative block and need a way to break through it and stay on track.

But what if you could sit down, start a new project and get it done faster and with more confidence?  

You can...

become a better producer fast

This action plan will give you everything you need to think and work like a professional producer.  Your music deserves to be treated like more than just a hobby.  To do that you need a plan.  You need a way to get organized, keep yourself on track and get things done.

Use your DAW's tracks and channels to get organized and work better and faster

Learn how to use reference tracks to finish arrangements in record time

Choose the right plugins in the right order every time so you can stop guessing and start producing

Get the workflow booster

Work faster, smarter, and get more done in less time.  Take your EDM productions to the next level

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