"Done for you" Ableton Live Project

Send your Ableton Live project & get it back professionally produced, mixed & mastered.  Transform your unfinished projects into professional EDM hits.

You don't have to be an audio engineer or pay thousands of dollars for audio school to release professional tracks.  With the done-for-you Ableton Live project service, you can send in any track you're working on, and have a professional producer and audio engineer finish it for you (mixing and mastering included).

Done in 7-10 days

Turn your unfinished projects into professionally produced, mixed and mastered EDM tracks in just 7-10 days.

Unlimited revisions

The project isn't done until you're happy with the final result.  Every project includes unlimited tweaks and revisions.

Ableton Live 10 & 11+

We can work on Ableton Live 10 and 11+ projects together.  Everything will be done using Live's stock plugins.

Let Fuad work on your projects

Hi, I'm Fuad, a professional EDM producer and audio engineer with over 12 years of experience.  I've helped over 30,000 producers make and release amazing tracks, learn mixing and mastering and get the skills they need to succeed.

I always say you can make amazing sounding tracks using free and stock plugins.  You don't need expensive gear or plugins, and nothing should hold you back

If you have a laptop and headphones, you're good to go.  No excuses. Let's work on your projects together!

Projects Fuad has worked on

Every track you hear is done in Ableton Live, mixed and mastered with stock plugins.  Fuad is comfortable working with most genres and will make sure your tracks sound amazing and your projects are finished.

A complete remake of a song by Omar Afuni called "Rush." Everything was done with Ableton Live synths and plugins.

A groovy house track called "Bounce to This."  For this track, Ableton's awesome groove library and space plugins like reverb, delay and phaser were used to give the track depth and character.

A funky, deep house tracked that features heavy drums and bass. and unique, retro-futurisitic vocals.

One of Fuad's best tracks and a true showcasing of what he can do with a few sounds, a good vocal and Ableton Live's amazing plugins.

Sound like a pro with every project

When you send your Ableton Live project you'll get it back radio-ready and sounding as good as your favorite producers.

Top-Notch Mixing

Every element in your track will be fine-tuned to make sure it sounds amazing on headphones, speakers, and in the club.

Pro Mastering

Your track will be polished, loud and sound as amazing as any track from your favorite producer.

Finished Arrangement

Stuck in an 8-bar loop?  No problem.  You can have your arrangement done for you too.

Quick & easy process

Upload your project to Dropbox, Google Drive or similar service, share some details, and you'll have your project ready in 7-10 days.

finish more songs

Never get stuck on a project again. Send it to a professional and have it mixed, mastered, and produced to the highest industry standards. More finished projects means you can release more music, grow your fan base, and get signed (if that's your goal). 

learn from your own projects

Get your projects done AND learn from them.  See how Ableton Live's amazing stock plugins are used to produce professional tracks that are ready to be released.  Tweak the settings, make new versions, and learn.  

This changes everything

I could NOT have asked for a better mix.  Always great to have a much more seasoned ear help this track become the best it could be.  I am extremely satisfied with the end results.

steve l0

DJ/EDM Producer

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions about the done-for-you Ableton Live project.  If you still have questions, send a message and Fuad will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you accept my genre?

Yes!  All genres are welcome.  It doesn't matter if you produce progressive house, electro, deep house, EDM, or future house.  Once you send in your Ableton Live project it will be professionally produced, mixed and mastered according to current industry standards and techniques.

Can my track really sound like the pros using only stock plugins?

Absolutely.  That "pro" sound has little to do with the tools and plugins and much more to do with the techniques and experience.  You can closely replicate the sound of analog gear using certain techniques using any plugin.

Do you accept Logic Pro or FL Studio projects?

Not at the moment unfortunately.  The focus right now is on Ableton Live projects.  Maybe at some point in the future we'll look into adding FL Studio and Logic projects.

How long will it for you to finish my project?

It can take anywhere from 7-10 days to finish your project.  We want to make sure it sounds perfect and is ready to be released to the world. We also want you to learn from the finished project so we always take the time to set all the plugins and effects as best as possible.

Will I get back my fully finished Ableton Live project, or just a mastered file?

You get your fully finished Ableton Live project back!  That's the whole point of this awesome service.  If you're stuck on a project, you can send it and we'll finish it together.  Fuad will finish it for you, send it back to you, then you can aks questions and make any changes if needed.

Is this service only for mixing and mastering my track, or can you also work on arrangement and sound design?

We can work on anything that you want done with your project.  if you have a finished arrangement but need it mixed and mastered, then that's what we'll do.  

Or maybe you have just an intro of a song done and you want Fuad to finish your arrangement, mix and master it for you, that's fine too!  

What if I'm not happy?  Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

Although there's no refund (every project takes lots of time and effort!) your satisfaction is the top priority.  That's why the project is not finished until you're 100% satisfied with it.  That means we'll do tweaks, revisions and edits.  You can also ask questions about your project if you want to learn more about why or how things were done.

Let's get started.

Get your project done and learn at the same time.  Your project will be professionally produced, mixed and mastered with Ableton Live's amazing stock plugins and will be radio-ready in 7-10 days.

  • Professional mixing and mastering with Live's stock plugins
  • Industry standard loudness, clarity and frequency balance
  • Color coding and project organization
  • Expertly crafted reverbs, delays and creative effects
  • Unlimited revisions