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EDM mixing & mastering course

Never get stuck on mixing and mastering ever again.

Learn the mixing and mastering approach that works for any genre, any style, and using any plugins every single time.

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why don't your tracks ever sound as good as professional ones?

How do the pros get their songs to sound amazing?  Why does it feel like no matter what you do, you still can't get your tracks to sound as good?  Even though you've paid for courses and probably watched a ton of YouTube videos, you just can't seem to get it right.  It always feels like like you're missing something, or someone's not telling you something.  It's like there's some kind of secret mixing and mastering magic.  It's very annoying.  

Wouldn't it be amazing if the next time you sat down to mix and master your track you knew exactly what you were doing?  No guess work.  No messing around with plugins and settings for hours.  No trying to decide which plugins you should use.  No wondering if you should boost by 3dB or cut by 6dB.  Of course that would be amazing.

Think about the last EDM mixing and mastering course or video you watched.  Maybe the song that was being mixed/mastered is not the same genre as yours.  Maybe you're going for a different loudness.  Maybe you don't have the same plugins being used.  Or maybe the explanations are too confusing and you felt even more lost than when you started.

All of these things are what make mixing and mastering so hard to learn and even harder to apply to your own tracks.  It feels like what you're watching is simple and should work but for some reason it just doesn't.

What you need is a new approach to mixing and mastering.  One that will work no matter what genre you produce, which plugins you use or whether you use headphones or speakers. 

That approach is to use a reference track.

EDM mixing and mastering with reference tracks

EDM Mixing and Mastering With Reference Tracks is an online course that will teach you how to break down a professionally produced track, see exactly how it was mixed and mastered, and use it to mix and master your own track.  Remove all the guesswork and never get left wondering if you're doing things right.  Stop messing around with plugins and settings for hours until you finally give up and abandon your song.  This online course will arm you with a mixing and mastering approach that works every time, for any genre, using any plugins.  

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Get instant access to this life-changing course and transform the way you mix and master in just a few hours.  No matter what genre you produce, you'll be able to achieve the loudness, fullness and balance of any professionally or commercially released song.

Figure it all out

No more guesswork.  Figure out exactly how a professional track was mixed and mastered.  Then apply what you learn to make your own tracks sound amazing.

an approach that always works

Forget random tips and tricks.  Discover a new approach to mixing and mastering that works every time for any track you want to mix and master.

use any plugins

Using reference tracks to mix and and master your own tracks means you can use any plugins.  No expensive or 3rd plugins or gear required.  

About Fuad Murad

Fuad is a highly experienced EDM Producer and mixing/mastering engineer dedicated to sharing his knowledge.  With over 10 years of experience, 40,000+ students, 13+ courses and hundreds of videos articles and tutorials, his goal is to make sure there are no more "secrets" in EDM production.  

Fuad is always more than happy to share everything he knows about production, sound design, mixing, mastering and everything in between.  So if you've been looking for someone to mentor you and show you how it's all done in a way that's easy to understand, Fuad is your guy.

Course Modules

Here's what's inside the course


Module 1: finding the perfect reference track

Discover what reference tracks are, where to find them and why they're the absolute best way to improve your mixing and mastering fast and never get stuck again.  You'll learn how to properly import and setup a reference track inside your project so you can use it to make your track sound amazing.


Module 2: how to analyze a reference track

Learn how to use a spectrum analyzer to analyze a reference track and find out what makes it sound the way it does.  Steal some awesome tricks that will help you figure out how a professional track was mixed and master.  Any professionally released track has years of experience behind it, learn how to use that experience in just a few hours.


Module 3: "top Down mixing"

This part of the course will introduce you to a life-changing approach to mixing your tracks.  It will help you reach the results you're looking for at least 2X faster than before.  Learn how to use mixbus processing, group mixing, and send/return tracks to supercharge you mixing and mastering.


Module 4: mastering

You know how people say mastering is a dark art?  That's total B.S.  Mastering is super easy when you know exactly what to do.  Learn how to analyze a reference track and gather all the information you need to master your own track and make it as loud, clear and full as you want.

Go from beginner to pro fast

The difference between a track that sounds amateur and one that sounds professional is mixing and mastering.  With this online course, you can skip years ahead of the curve and achieve professional results in just a few hours.


Don't get stuck in the mixing and mastering phase.


Mixing and mastering are both an art and a science.  Learn both.


There's no better feeling than knowing exactly what you're doing every time.


Just like with every course at Beat Tweaks, we hold nothing back.  Every ounce of experience, every trick, every and every "secret" is taught.  Everything is explained in a way that's simple and easy tom follow.

you've never seen mixing and mastering taught like this before

This course was made with attention to detail and designed to answer all your questions before you even have them.  It's packed with information and organized in a way that makes it all easy to digest and understand.


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Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Manoj Vanjare

EDM Producer

You break down things in a cool way

Fuad you are Great Teacher! Your style is what i adore, You break down things in a cool way and that makes understand the theory behind what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Glenn Haven

DJ & EDM Producer

This course has given me inspiration to keep going as a music producer!

Fuad is very in depth, clear and easy to understand. Other courses I've taken were not very engaging which made me not want to watch those anymore, this course has given me inspiration to keep going as a music producer!

Claudio Fabbri

EDM Producer

He explains all the important details in an accurate, understandable way

Fuad is an outstanding teacher from what I can tell. He explains all the important details in an accurate, understandable way with an appropriate tempo. You also get the feeling that he's very dedicated to his work.


what is a reference track?

A reference track is any professionally or commercially released song that is in the same genre and style as the song you're producing.  You can use this track as a guide for producing, mixing and mastering your own track.  In this course, you'll see how to analyze a reference track and figure out exactly how it was mixed and mastered.  You'll then use this information to mix and master your own tracks.

Do I have to use Ableton Live?  

Nope.  you can use any DAW and follow along.  This course shows you how to do everything using basic stock plugins and a couple of free plugins that you can download and use right away.  

Do I need any expensive plugins to apply the things in this course?

Nope.  You can use any plugins to do everything being taught in the course.  Those include stock plugins, free plugins, 3rd party plugins and everything in between.

do i have to buy a song to use as a reference track?

Ideally you should use a professionally and commercially released track.  Usually, this means you would have to buy the track but there are many producers online that provide their tracks for free.  Soundcloud is a great source for amazing songs that you can download for free.

for what level is this course for?  Beginner, intermediate or advanced?

Although this course is mainly for intermediate and advanced level producers, you'll still learn a lot even if you're a beginner, especially if you're looking for a good workflow.  Everything is well explained, so if you have an idea of the basics, you'll find this course extremely useful.


Sign up for the EDM Mixing and Mastering With Reference Tracks course.

I put my heart and soul into this course and every other course I make.  I always make sure things are easy to understand and I'll always be there to answer any questions you might have.  I'll make sure you never feel lost or confused about anything.

Fuad Murad