So, you’ve finally decided you want to get into EDM production.  You probably have a ton of questions.  That’s why to start your journey, we’ll start by answering the most common questions about how to make electronic dance music.  Welcome to the beginner’s guide to EDM production!Q:  How hard is it to produce EDM?EDM might

How do you start a new song from scratch? It’s something so many producers struggle with, even the really good ones. So don’t worry if you ever feel stuck or uninspired, because you’re not alone. Let me start by saying that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to starting a new track.  Start with anything that

Should you upgrade to Izotope Ozone 8?  Ozone is one of the best mastering suites on the market today. Izotope recently released the newest version of Ozone, Ozone 8. It comes packed with features improvements. In this video we’ll talk about whether or not these features are worth the price and if it’s worth upgrading

We all strive to be the best we can possibly be.  We all want to improve and learn everything there is to learn about this crazy world we call music production.  We all want to become better producers. Whether it’s mixing, mastering, sound design, arrangement, or even marketing, there’s always something we want to get better